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GORI 99 EXTREME Opaque Wood Finish

About the Product
GORI 99 Extreme Opaque Wood Finish is water repellent, UV-resisting and extremely opaque. Ideal for colour changes - even from dark to light colours. This product offers up to *15 years’ durability and optimum protection against mould and fungi on the surface thanks to innovative Slow Release technology. The technology ensures that the active agents, which protect the surface film, are only released when necessary - e.g. in humid conditions. When the climate is dry, the active agents will remain dormant in the product. Therefore, the Slow Release technology gives intelligent protection to the film - when the weather demands it.
Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Do not thin. Stir lightly before use. If using more than 1 can of the same colour, intermix before use. Treat fungal or algal growth with a Sterilisation Wash as directed. Treat bare timber surfaces with GORI 11 Wood Preservative as directed. Apply 3 x GORI 99 Extreme Opaque Wood Finish along the wood grain for optimum protection and apply 2 maintenance coats and when needed.
Drying Time & Coverage

Drying Time:

Approximately 1 hour, recoatable after 4hours.


Rough wood: 6-8m²/l. Planed wood: 8-10m²/l. depending on the substrate. Do not apply wood protection in direct sunlight.
Colours and Sizes
Available in a tintable colour range. See here for inspiration.



Available sizes: 0,75 L; 2,5 L & 5 L