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GORI 88 COMPACT Translucent Wood Stain

About the Product
GORI 88 Compact Translucent Wood Stain is a solvent based, non-drip, durable, semi-transparent wood stain for protecting and decorating exterior wood. Containing innovative Slow Release technology, the active ingredients are only released when necessary ensuring a long-lasting quality finish. Ideal for use on windows, doors and cladding
Ensure maximum ventilation during application and drying. Easy to apply by brush or roller. Stir lightly before use. Do not thin. Do not apply when moisture of the wood is above 18% at the time of treatment or if the temperature is below +5°C and relative humidity is below 80%. Avoid application in damp conditions or externally when rain is imminent. Never apply wood protection in direct sunlight. Apply one coat of GORI 11 Wood Preservative as directed before applying two coats of GORI 88 Compact Translucent Wood Stain. Please note that the final colour result depends on the colour of the substrate. If more than one can of the same colour is to be used in the same area, intermix before use. Additional coats may be required in certain colours or when attempting a wide colour change. 
Drying Time & Coverage

Drying Time:

Recoatable after 24 hours - at 23ºC and standard humidity of 60%.


GORI 88 Compact Durable Wood Stain will cover approximately 10-12 m2/l depending on the nature and substrate. Do not apply wood protection in direct sunlight.
Colours and Sizes
Available in a tintable colour range. See here for inspiration.



Available sizes: 0,75 L; 2,5 L & 5 L