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GORI 11 Wood Preservative

About the Product
GORI 11 Wood Preservative is a water based wood coating that penetrates deep into the wood and offers extreme protection against blue stain, fungi, mould, insects and termites. Suitable for use on new or old wood and is compatible with both solvent and water based wood finishes.
Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Easy to apply by brush or roller. Stir well. Do not apply when moisture of the wood is above 18% at the time of treatment or if the temperature is below +5°C and relative humidity is below 80%. Avoid application in damp conditions or externally when rain is imminent. Apply one coat at a rate of 500ml per 2.5 square metres with a brush or roller. Do not thin.
Drying Time & Coverage

Drying Time:

Touch dry: 1 hour. Apply top coat after: app 12 hours (measured at 23°C and standard humidity of 60%).


GORI 11 Wood Preservative will cover approximately 5 m2/l.