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GORI 05 EXPRESS Decking Oil

About the Product

GORI 05 Express Decking Oil is a durable, water based, water repellent coating for exterior decking areas. Use on all types of wood to help prevent cracks, drying and decay. Once treated, the surface of the wood becomes water repellent and is protected against moisture and weathering. GORI 05 Express Decking Oil offers increased durability compared to conventional decking oils.

Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. Easy to apply by brush or roller. Stir well. Do not apply when moisture of the wood is above 18% at the time of treatment or if the temperature is below +5°C and relative humidity is below 80%. Avoid application in damp conditions or externally when rain is imminent. Apply one coat of GORI 11 Wood Preservative as directed before applying two coats of GORI 05 Express Decking Oil. For the first coat, apply a thin layer along the wood grain, two decking boards at a time in order to obtain an even result. Wipe off surplus oil after 5-10 minutes with a lint free cloth. After the first coat the wood grain may rise. If that is the case, you can sand the deck lightly after 1-2 hours. Apply the second coat as the first. Apply a maintenance treatment every 1-2 years to obtain optimum protection. Treat extremely exposed areas regularly. Please note that the final colour result depends on the colour of the substrate.
Drying Time & Coverage

Drying Time:

Touch dry, recoatable and walkable: after 1 hour *(at 23°C and a standard humidity of 60%).


GORI 05 Express Decking Oil will cover approximately 15 sqm/l.