Colour Offer

GORI is available in a range of standard colours and can be tinted in almost every colour.

Standard Colours

Standard colours are the colours that are at the shelf at your stockist. On the individual product sub-pages on this website you can find out which standard colours are available for a specific product.


Other Colours

In addition to the standard colours, the vast majority of GORI products are available in a large number of colours, which are tinted directly at your GORI stockist.


Colour Card

Below you can find our standard colour card.


Translucent Colours

9900 Clear   7801 Brazil Pine   7802 Pine   7803 Oregon Pine
7804 Teak   7805 Oak   7806 Chestnut   7807 Dark Oak
7808 Walnut   7809 Redwood   7810 Palisander   7811 Ebony
7812 Mahogany   7813 Iroko   7814 Antique Oak   7815 Light Oak
7816 Natural Oak   7817 Golden Pine        


Opaque Colours

0000 Jet Black   2000 Silver Grey   3000 Corn Yellow   4000 Sky Blue
5000 Emerald Green   7000 Brick Red   8000 Snow White    

Although every effort is made to ensure accurate colour representations, due to the limitations of the printing process, the colours in this brochure may not be true representations of the actual colours and are meant as a guide only. The final colour of wood stain will vary depending on the surface of the wood it is being applied to. We recommend the product to be tested in a small area prior to starting the full project.