About Wood

Wood protection season

Spring usually marks the beginning of the wood protection season and it normally continues until late autumn – but of course this depends on the climate in your part of the world. In some parts it is summer all year round, while other people are facing snow all year round…

In general the ideal conditions for applying wood protection are:
  1. Woodwork and facades/cladding are not damp
  2. The daily temperature is between 10 and 25⁰C
  3. The humidity is below 80%

Moisture in outdoor wood should not be above 18% and for windows and doors it should be max. 15% at the time of applying wood protection.

It is not recommended to apply wood protection in direct sunlight, because the product will dry too quickly, and there is a risk of an unsatisfactory result with stripes and/or an uneven surface finish.

If you have a weather station at home, it is a good idea to check the ambient humidity. You can easily measure the moisture in the wood by using a moisture meter. These can be bought in most DIY stores at a reasonable price.