About Wood

Seven things you should know

The best way to keep wood beautiful and healthy is to check it once a year and repair any damages immediately. Our technical staff are experts in this field and below you can find their checklist:

1. Water traps

Cracks must be filled with putty or acrylic joint filler in order to avoid water penetration.

2. Weather Conditions

Wood facing south and west is more exposed to sun, rain and wind than any other woodwork. Therefore it needs treatment more often.

3. Gutters & drainpipes

If the gutter is full of dirt and leaves the water will run over the sides and down the fa├žade, and thereby be able to penetrate into the wood. Clean gutters and drainpipes regularly.

4. Rot

Check the wood for rot by inserting e.g. a screwdriver into the wood. If the wood is soft and crumbling, it is decayed and needs to be replaced.

5. Correct construction

It is important that the wood construction is correct. Rainwater must be led away from the wood.

6. Mould and incrustations

Mould and incrustations can be seen on almost all outdoor surfaces. This can be removed with GORI Algae- & Moss Remover.

7. Linseed oil

Previous treatments with linseed oil may cause the wood protection to crack. If you want to treat the surface with wood protection , you will need to remove the linseed oil completely before doing so. GORI cannot guarantee the result on surfaces, which have previously been treated with linseed oil.