About Wood

Outdoor wood degradation risks

Throughout their life, trees gradually develop their own defense mechanisms against external attacks. Once you have cut the wood, such defenses are highly exposed. It is important to know the different biological aggressors, their properties and characteristics, in order to be able to fight against them effectively and thus preserve wood in as natural a state as possible. In order to adequately protect wood – particularly wood exposed to weather conditions - quality products, which provide preventive protection against harmful insects and fungi, must be used. GORI offers a whole range of wood protection products: Simply by applying a GORI preservative before any other finish coating, the wood will be protected against attacks by insects and fungi. If the wood shows signs of damage caused by insects (woodworms, termites, etc.), GORI offers a solution: GORI treatments are formulated to effectively counteract any type of potentially irreversible attack by xylophagous insects.